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  App Management

Add a few key configuration items about your web apps and let WAM keep up with multiple environments, servers, accounts, repositories, deployments, and management tasks.


WAM automates changes to remote systems. Deploy apps, stop and restart services, migrate databases, and backup your data in a few clicks.


WAM supports custom commands, recipes and templates to fit your infrastructure. Combine commands and recipes for better flexibility and reusability.


WAM lets you connect with dozens of cloud providers, browse hundreds of cloud collections and manage your servers in the cloud of your choice. Say goodbye to cloud lock-in.


WAM helps people with various areas of expertise work together. Developers, devops and management can access and record necessary information for an efficient IT infrastructure.


Borrow from and share with the community of WAM users, through public recipes, cloud maps and shared accounts.

Take advantage of our community of tutorials and public recipes!